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NUMBER NINETY SIX                                                                                AUTUMN 2021


            Certain sections of the media and politicians, notably Josh Frydenburg and Kristina Kenneally, have expressed concerns about what they see as extreme right and alleged neo-Nazi groups in Australia.

In January, 40 white males in Victoria’s Grampians met, sang Waltzing Matilda, and raised their hands in straight arm salutes. Some even called out “white power”.  The police were called but as the group were not doing anything illegal no one was arrested. Nevertheless it’s claimed by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation that 40% of its priority case load involved right-wing extremist groups. (1) So far as we know, only one person has been arrested for serious crimes in relation to the far-right and this was Philip Galea, a “lone wolf” who was sentenced over planned terrorist attacks on leftist groups. (2)

We are also told that an American white supremacist group called The Base was trying to recruit neo-Nazis in Australia. The Base was formed in 2018, is active in the United States, Canada, South Africa and Britain, and is said to have an agenda of hastening the collapse of American liberal democracy into civil war. Apparently four Australians did apply but two dropped out shortly after. Two people involved were Grant Fuller from the Gold Coast, a leader of The Lads Society, and Dean Smith who contested the 2019 election as a Western Australian One Nation candidate. (3) Neither seem to have a criminal or violent background.

So far the Australian government has only outlawed one “neo-Nazi” group and that is the Sonnenkrieg Division which is listed along with a number of Islamist groups as terrorist. (4)

In New South Wales frontline police are to be better trained to identify “hate crimes” under a $12.3 million package to tackle violent extremism and racism. Some of this funding will go to the NSW Police Engagement and Hate Crime Unit, an arm of the Counter Terrorism command that focuses on what is claimed to be an “unreported” type of crime. Incidents motivated by bias based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, disability or political beliefs come under the hate crime umbrella. NSW already has a specific hate crime offence, known as 93Z although few actions appear to have been taken under this law. (5)

One exception is the arrest of a young man in Albury who had apparently posted some nasty – or silly – things on the Internet. He is alleged to have urged others to commit terrorist acts and sought bomb-making materials. (6) There is nothing in the report to indicate he had in fact acquired weapons or made a bomb.

The Australian government set up a Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security which has received submissions but so far these have mentioned Muslim groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda rather than right wing groups. (7)

More recently there have been calls by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for the displaying of Nazi or Islamic State flags or possessing terrorist manifestos to be outlawed. The head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), Mike Burgess said that his agency expected a terrorist attack to occur within the next year, although they don’t know if it will come from Islamist or racist/nationalist extremists. (8) But they do know it will occur? Really makes sense.

There appears to be no concern about leftist groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa which don’t seem to have caused that much trouble in Australia but the American groups whose names and ideology they imitate have a bad record of intimidation and violence. (9) These groups don’t receive the vilification from the media that the so-called right wing groups do. Note how often the media refer to nationalist and right wing groups by emotive terms like “white supremacist” and “neo-Nazi”. Despite the negative images these groups still provide some attraction to likely supporters which begs the question why?

Some of the reasons could be in the political system were our elections are Tweedledum-Tweedledee affairs with the policies of both major political groups pretty much alike and important matters often being left out of the argument. This means that serious problems get ignored, except by small parties that generally get nowhere.

While the federal governments gave us a silly plebiscite on same sex marriage, really serious decisions that involve massive changes, such as the dissolution of the White Australia Policy or the involvement in wars in countries like Afghanistan or Iraq, neither of which were threatening Australia, were carried out with no consultation with the Australian people. Basically the government took decisions which would probably not have a consensus among the population, proceeded and used propaganda to brainwash us – remember Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”?

Now the AFP and ASIO look like becoming thought police, deciding what we can say and indirectly what we think and do. Basically we are supposed to be political zombies, some sort of untermensch with no will of our own – at least when it becomes to politics. And now the untermensch are rebelling.

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            Seven Aboriginal people died in custody in two months starting early March. The last was a man who died in Victoria’s Port Phillip Prison after suffering a medical episode. (1)

            In New South Wales, a 37-year-old man was found dead in his cell at Cessnock correctional centre. A 45-year-old man died in Perth on 3 April, a 37-year-old man, Anzac Sullivan died in a police pursuit in Broken Hill on 18 March, another man died in Melbourne’s Ravenhall prison on 7 March, a woman died in Silverwater women’s prison on 5 March and a 35-year-old man died at Long Bay hospital on 2 March. Scott Morrison was criticised for having nothing to say to families about the deaths. (2)

            Demonstrations in protest at the deaths have been held with thousands marching around the country. April saw the 30th anniversary of the report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and it is claimed that at least 455 Aboriginals have died in custody since. The report admitted that Aboriginal prisoners were not more likely to die in custody than any other prisoners but had a much higher incarceration rate, allegedly due to social, economic and cultural inequality. Of the report’s recommendations 64% were implemented but the rest were either not implemented or only partly implemented. One recommendation was that public drunkenness be decriminalised. In 2017 Aboriginal woman Tanya Day was arrested after falling asleep on a train in Melbourne and taken into custody where she fell and died after hitting her head in a police cell. A law to decriminalise public drunkenness in Victoria will not come into effect until 2022. (3)

            It’s claimed that while Aboriginals made up 3% of Australia’s population in the last census they make up 28% of the prisoner population. It appears that Aboriginal people are overrepresented in every category of death dealt with by the Coroner’s Court. This is said to be related to the colonial history of this nation. It has also been claimed that self-determination for Aboriginals, enshrining a “First Nations Voice” in the Constitution and a treaty between the government and Indigenous Australians will prevent deaths in custody. (4) Exactly how this would work to prevent the crimes that lead Aboriginals to be in custody in the first place is not clear. Judging by the crime rates in post-Apartheid South Africa or post-colonial nations it’s hard to be optimistic.

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            The figures on people in Australian prisons, as of 30 June 2020, shows that the number of Indigenous prisoners has increased by 2% to 12,092 but relative to the numbers of Indigenous adults in Australia there has been a decrease. The Indigenous imprisonment rate actually fell 1% to 2,285 prisoners per 100,000 of population.

            Overall prisoner numbers have fallen 4.6% to 41,060. There was a decrease of 4% in the numbers of male and 10% in the number of female prisoners. The imprisonment rate for the Australian born is down to 261.4, for the overseas born it is 96.1, and total is 202.4.

            Not surprisingly the imprisonment rate for those born in Sudan is the highest of any migrant group shown at 987.1. Other migrant groups with high rates include those from Somalia (575.6), Tonga (435.1), Nigeria (398.1), Samoa (391.4), and Vietnam (316.3).

            A total of 3,246 prisoners are in jail for homicide and related offences, or about 7.9% of the total number of prisoners. Only 2,503, or 7.5%, of Australian born prisoners are in for homicide offences. Surprisingly 27, or 17.8%, of Indian prisoners are in for these type of offences.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 45170DO001_2020 Prisoners in Australia, 2020


            The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) claims our students know a lot about pollution and climate change but little about democracy, civic processes and our institutions. This is put down to moving the emphasis in our schools away from teaching the values of democracy and justice to trendy issues like Aboriginal histories and cultures, engagement with Asia and sustainability. These feature in the NSW curriculum as priorities in all subject areas including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Creative Arts and even Physical Education. In other words our students are not being taught the obligations and rights of citizens but how to be environmental activists and social justice warriors. (1)

            Dr Kevin Donnelly of the Australian National University has expressed alarm at the proposed new curriculum that teaches that British settlement in 1788 was an “invasion”, and is awash with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and spirituality, at the detriment of Christian heritage. There has also been criticism of the removal of references to Ancient Greece and many of the institutions and values of Western culture. (2)

            Aboriginal activist Jacinta Price has also criticised the changes saying that Aboriginal culture is not understood properly and is being romanticised. She claims things are now open to complete misinterpretation and manipulation. Others have criticised the proposed changes saying it is inconsistent with the need for improvement. Education Minister, Alan Tudge says we are three years behind Singapore and 14 months behind where we were 20 years ago. (3)

            The proposed changes seem to be putting ideology before the more practical aspects of education. Much of it patronises Aboriginals and could be seen as insulting to our European ancestors who built Australia into one of the most successful nations in the world.

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            There was an increase in homicides between 2018 and 2019 (the last year we can get figures for). Including attempted murders the homicide rate went from 1.5 to 1.6 per 100,000 population. In actual numbers murders went from 219 to 225, attempted murders from 122 to 143 and manslaughters from 29 to 46.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics website


FIRST CITIES: Civilisation, or at least that evidenced by the creation of cities, may have started 6200 years ago in the Ukraine. At around that time a culture known as Cucuteni-Trypillia, which predates the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia and China, established urban areas that could be up to a square kilometre or three in size and seem to have had up to 15,000 inhabitants. While the Trypillians were establishing these cities they were joined by distant relatives from what is now Bulgaria and Romania, at the time a rich farming area with a flourishing copper industry and fabulous wealth, who appear to have been forced out by violence. For some reasons these sites were abandoned 800 years later and virtually no human remains were found at the sites. Later the Trypillian people appear to have mixed with steppe people and their descendants could be the Yamnaya who transformed Europe linguistically, genetically and culturally.

Laura Spinney, “The First Urbanites”, New Scientist, 27 February 2021

ANCIENT MASSACRE: Research using DNA, archaeological and skeletal evidence shows that an indiscriminate massacre and haphazard burial of early pastoralists occurred in what is now eastern Croatia about 6,200 years ago. This is said to be the oldest known case of such mass killing.

ANCIENT ISRAEL: Fragments of a biblical scroll dating back 2000 years has been found in a site known as the Cave of Horrors in the Judaean desert. Most of the writing is in Ancient Greek and some is in Hebrew. The cave got its name due to the large number of skeletons found there. Also unearthed were a cache of rare coins, a six-millennia-old skeleton of a child and a basket said to be 10,500 years old and likely to be the oldest in the world.

Ben Simon, “Israel Bags Its Dead Sea Scrolls Moment”, The Australian, 18 March 2021

SCYTHIANS: The ancient people known as Scythians ruled the Eurasian steppes during the Iron Ages. They had a major influence of their powerful neighbours such as the ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, and Chinese empires and spread new technologies such as saddles and other improvements for horse riding. After the Iron Age and especially in the first millennia CE, new genetic turnovers and admixture occurred concurrent with the decline and disappearance of Scythian cultures.

PREHISTORIC CZECH: The oldest genome of a modern human has been found in remains of a woman discovered in Czechia and appears to be older than that of an individual found in Siberia thought to be 45,000 years old. Archaeological evidence indicates modern humans lived in Europe up to 47,000 years ago. There is no continuity between the ancient Czech woman and people who lived in Europe from 40,000 years ago.

ORIGINAL AUSTRALIANS? Stone tools, ancient fireplaces and pigments used in rock art indicate modern humans, Homo sapiens, arrived in Australia about 65,000 years ago, possibly from Indonesia. Denisovan DNA in people from Papua New Guinea and Australia suggests that Denisovans reached Papua over 600,000 years ago.

Kate Douglas, (Ed.), “An Australian Odyssey”, New Scientist Essential Guide, Our Human Story, 2020

NEANDERTHAL PREY: It appears the prehistoric Neanderthal people of Europe were the victims of hyenas. Fossilised Neanderthal remains found in a cave in San Felice Circeo in Italy appear to have been the victims of hyenas who hunted and mauled them to death. The remains could be up to 90,000 years old.


WORLD WAR II – The Eastern Front – Part One

World War II was without a doubt the greatest war of all time and between 1939 and 1945, 70 million, or more, people were killed. A disproportionate number died on the eastern front as the military forces of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union fought ferociously and cruelly. Of a pre-war Soviet population of 194 million, between 20 and 24 million lost their lives. More than one in four of the Soviet population were killed or wounded.

            The first victims of German aggression were Czechoslovakia and Poland. The conquest of Poland was completed in September 1939 with Germany taking the western part of the country and the Soviet Union taking the east in accordance with a secret agreement made the previous August. Britain and France declared war on Germany but it was too late to save Poland.

            On 22 June 1041, despite having a Non-Aggression Pact, Germany began Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union. There is much controversy about the German Dictator Adolf Hitler’s decision to go to war but it’s possible he was pre-empting an attack by the Soviets.

            The Soviet Union, under the Dictator, Josef Stalin had already attempted to invade Finland in what became known as the Winter War. Although not conquering the little nation Stalin’s regime managed to force it to cede territory. Stalin’s army also invaded the small Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Demands were made on Romania over Bessarabia.

            The Soviet army was better equipped than Germany’s. As early as the 1930s Stalin had decided on a naval fleet construction plan that should have made the Soviet Union the strongest naval power in the war. By June 1941 they had at least 213 submarines. The Red Army possessed 24,000 tanks including 1,861 type T34 tanks, probably the most effective armoured weapon in the war. Added to these were 148,000 artillery pieces and mortars of various types. Their air force had a total of 23,245 military aircraft.

            There is evidence that Stalin and his cohorts had ambitions beyond the Baltic. As early as 1925 Stalin had declared that if war broke out the Soviet Union would enter as the last belligerent and play a decisive role. War between fascist Germany and the West would provide an opportunity to liberate Europe from capitalism. The Non-Aggression Pact with Germany encouraged Hitler to attack Poland, as Stalin expected, and hence European war broke out. At a meeting in Berlin in November 1940, V.M. Molotov, who was responsible for Soviet foreign policy, made it clear that he wanted the Soviet sphere of influence to include Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Greece. These demands and others appear to have been a provocation to Germany.

            When Germany attacked they were initially fairly successful, but the war soon become one of attrition, destroying millions of soldiers and huge quantities of material.

            While both sides had secret police the Soviet People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (Narodnyg Kommissariat Vnutremikh Del or NKVD) was particularly brutal. This suited Josef Stalin’s paranoia and need for total control.

            Stalin, originally from Georgia, and named Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, sought leadership of the Soviet Union on the death of Vladimir Lenin in January 1924. His main rival Leon Trotsky was expelled and fled to Mexico. In August 1940 he was murdered by a Spanish Stalinist, Ramon Mercador, who had been recruited by the NKVD.

            To feed Stalin’s paranoia, the NKVD under Nikolai (the Dwarf) Yezhov, focussed on the Red Army, hinting at a possible coup d’état. It’s possible he was given false evidence which had originated from the Nazis. A notable victim was Marshal Mikhai Nikolayevich Tukhachevsky, who after torture involving sleep deprivation and bashings with a truncheon, was executed in June 1937, along with eight other senior military commanders.

            Yezhov himself fell out of favour with Stalin and in 1939, five months before the outbreak of war he was taken to his own slaughterhouse. He was shot by Vasili Blokhin, the NKVD’s chief executioner and master of assassinations, tortures, intimidation and executions.

            The new head of the NKVD was Lavrenti Beria, who like Stalin came from Georgia. He was to play an important part in mistreatment of Poles who Stalin hated since the Polish Army had crushed the Red Army in an attack in 1920. 

            With the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 many citizens, thought to be 200,000 in number were rounded up and thrown into a number of camps where they were either left to freeze and starve, or forced to labour on highways in the Carpathians or mines in Ukraine. Between February 1940 and June 1941, two million Polish mothers and their children were sent to Siberia and central Asia, while their men were sent to concentration camps. Worse was to come for Polish army officers and other leaders among the conquered Poles.

            In some regions, such as Pinsk south-west of Minsk, things were more brutal with important officials and notables arrested and executed within days. Anyone who wore a uniform, even postmen or boy scouts was arrested and either executed or sent to a concentration camp.

            Atrocities were piling up well before Germany declared war on the Soviet Union and it was often the Germans who uncovered the evidence. In April 1943 the bodies of 300 Polish officers were uncovered in the Katyn forest. Another seven mass graves of Poles who had been massacred were uncovered, a total of at least 4,500 victims.

            As early as 1941 the Germans had found evidence of 30,000 executions in Kurapaty in Belorussia, although some had been killed as early as 1937.

            Atrocities by the NKVD were carried out in Ukraine which led to an uprising by some of the population. Many prisoners escaped from jails although a few were too frightened to leave. These were later murdered by the NKVD.

            A colony of ethnic Germans who had lived near the Volga since the time of Catherine the Great were forcibly relocated to Kazakhstan and other district regions. They numbered 400,000 and were joined by German-speaking people from other parts of the country. A lot of these people were murdered and the survivors put into concentration camps until 1943 when many were dispatched to the front to work in labour battalions.

            With the rapid advance of the German military, the fleeing NKVD was instructed by Beria to slaughter the inmates of any prisons and concentration camps that could fall into German hands. Thousands of prisoners were still found by the Germans and released, but these were a lucky minority.

            In Minsk, Smolensk, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, pretty well all prisoners, including thousands of leftist political prisoners, were slaughtered. In the Kabardino-Balkar Republic hundreds of slave workers were machine gunned. In the Ukraine a train full of prisoners was halted when artillery fire was heard nearby. The NKVD killed most of the prisoners by machine gun or grenades. Only a lucky few, about 14, survived.

            At Tcherwene in White Ruthenia thousands of Poles, Ruthenians, Ukrainians, Russians and Lithuanians were mown down with machine guns.

            In a forest near Telsiai in Lithuania, 73 prisoners were killed by particularly cruel methods. Some had their eyes gouged out, others were scalped and had their brains squeezed out. Tongues were torn out, bodies and legs slowly cut open, or bayonets thrust into the victim’s mouths and down their throats. Most bodies had so many wounds it was not possible to determine the precise cause of death.

            The most notorious massacre occurred in the Ukrainian city of L’vov which the Germans took on 29 June. They found a city stinking of putrefying flesh and the prisons surrounded by agonised relatives. A German Field Police Group investigated next day and found that about 3,500 people had been killed. In the prisons bodies were stacked four or five deep on the cellar floor and the ceiling splashed with blood. One room had a floor covered with dry blood, 20 centimetres deep. Some of the men had had their sexual organs, and some women their breasts, ripped or cut open. Eyes were gouged out and bodies beaten into unrecognisable shapes. Faces showed expressions of unimaginable agony. A Polish lady who visited the prison found the hanged body of a girl about eight years of age. Even the Jewish informers used by the NKVD were murdered.

(To be continued…)


“RAGE AND REVENGE” by Thomas Goodrich, The Palm Press, Manasota Key, Florida, 2017 (ISBN: 9781505907278)

            Goodrich has a knack for finding and writing about gruesome details in historical events. In this book are reproduced parts of earlier works of his plus a chapter on the Americans in the Pacific during World war II, and their not so gentle treatment of the Japanese, including prisoners.

            The first part of the book is from “Bloody Dawn – The Story of the Lawrence Massacre”. This deals with a side event during the American Civil War when a guerrilla force under William Quantrill rode from Missouri, a Confederate state, and raided the town of Lawrence in Kansas. Even before the war there was conflict between the two states, at least in part because of slavery in Missouri and Lawrence being an epicentre of anti-slavery agitation and violence.

            On 21 August 1863, Quantrill and 450 irregulars attacked Lawrence. People were slaughtered, goods stolen and houses burnt to the ground. It did little for the rebel cause but contributed much to the hatred and lust for revenge.

            The second section of the book, dealing with the Battle of the Little Bighorn, comes from Goodrich’s “Scalp Dance - Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879”, a book that was reviewed in a previous issue of this newsletter.

            The third section comes from “Hellstorm – The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947”. This deals with the brutality of the war and the atrocities committed by the Allied forces as they closed in on a defeated Germany. The murder of hundreds of German soldiers at Dachau is described. Most of those killed were not SS and had only been posted to the camp after the guards had fled. Their deaths were pure murder.

            Atrocities in the east were even worse. When the US forces were near Prague the local populace rose against the local Germans, both military and civilian. Many were tortured and murdered in cruel and degrading ways. Some were hung while others were bashed or burnt to death.

            The fourth and last part of the book deals with the Americans and the war in the Pacific against the Japanese. The picture Goodrich paints of the Americans is not pretty.

            The apparent fanaticism of the Japanese was largely driven by the “take no prisoners” attitude of the Americans who were happy to slaughter all and any Japanese troops who surrendered. In one case that Goodrich describes, 400 unarmed men, the patients and medics of a captured Japanese field hospital were all slaughtered on the spot. Bodes of the dead were sometime mutilated.

            A lot of Americans collected grim trophies from body parts of the dead. Skulls were a popular trophy. Not surprisingly many Japanese soldiers committed suicide rather than surrender.

            Goodrich claims that the Japanese nation offered to surrender, once to President Roosevelt and again to President Truman. Both offers were rejected. The continuation of the war and the use of atomic weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki seem a needless waste of lives.

‘IQ MEANS INEQUALITY: The Population Cycle that Drives Human Diversity” by Volmar Weiss, Independent Publishing, 2020 (ISBN 9 798608 1844 06)

            Volkmar Weiss has written a short but highly controversial work describing the decline of societies largely due to falling brain power. Weiss is under no illusion that mental abilities, as measured by IQ, are largely inherited and vary between populations.

            The book was originally written in German and much of it describes the situation in Germany, although doubtless the same problems are occurring in most other Western nations.

            Figures from West Germany show that as more people gained university qualifications, the average IQ of graduates tended to fall. The fall in IQ scores was also evident among craftsmen, and skilled and unskilled workers.

            In East Germany, in line with Marxist ideas, the universities were opened to children of workers and farmers, especially if the parents were considered loyal to the system. The results however failed to show that abilities had not been due to heredity. There were still those who maintained that brain power was not genetic, including many in the United States.

            Nevertheless as time goes on, more and more people seek and gain academic credentials. Weiss points out that the more people gain these diplomas and certificates, the less these qualifications are worth. The genotypic IQ of these people stays the same.

            Weiss makes another point and that is that states are more stable the more homogenous their populations are is language religion and race.

            With new technology and millions of people becoming redundant and permanently unemployed, a heavy burden falls on our welfare systems. This is worsened by bringing migrants from countries with lower IQ. Weiss discusses Turkish migrants in Germany who have higher unemployment and a higher proportion of school drop outs than native born Germans. Ethnic Turks born in Germany seem to have worse PISA results than students in Turkey and the results may actually be worse in the next generation. The Syrian migrants that flooded into Germany in 2015 are a worry as 65% of pupils in Syria do not reach what the OECD defines as basic competencies. Weiss does not use the term “dysgenic” but it would describe the situation well.

            Are there implications for Australia in what Weiss discusses? We take in many migrants from many countries that have lower national IQs than Turkey. Perhaps it is not surprising that our per capita GDP, once the highest in the world, is now rated lower than at least 15 other countries.

            The book is not very long but is not always the easiest to read. Possibly it was not well written in the first place or there were problems in the translation from German to English. Nevertheless it deals with extremely important issues that too many people are afraid to discuss.

“ANCIENT BONES: Unearthing the Astonishing New Story of How We Became Human” by Madelaine Bohme, Rudiger Braun & Florian Breier, Scribe Publications, Brunswick, 2020 (ISBN: 9781922310347)

            Most theories on the evolution of modern man, Homo sapiens, claim that we originated in Africa. This one of two “Out of Africa” theories. Millions of years ago early members of the Homo genus began to spread out of Africa. The second “Out of Africa” theory posits that modern man left there many centuries later. The authors of “Ancient Bones” however think that the story of man’s evolution is much more complicated.

            For instance humans are said to have evolved from apes and ape-like ancestors, presumed to be similar to the anthropoids of Africa. Madelaine Bohme however discovered fossilised remains of an ape-like creature named Danuvius guggenmosi in the German state of Bavaria. The remains are thought to be about 11.62 million years old. Danuvius has a curious mix of features, from the waist up he is ape like but below he appears more like an early hominin (human-like). There is evidence of other Great Apes once living in Europe, in fact at least ten genera.

            More modern species, members of the Homo genus are also evident. Homo antecessor, lived in Spain over a million years ago. Homo heidelbergensis and Homo neanderthalensis who lived hundreds of thousands of years before modern man is said to have left Africa. A little further east the remains of Homo georgicus were uncovered in the Caucasus and were dated at almost 2 million years old.

            Georgicus confounds the Out of Africa I theory that maintains that the first early humans left Africa about a million years ago. He had a brain capacity of 550 to 750 cubic centimetres, about the same as other early Homo, but was only 1.5 metres (five feet) tall. Georgicus also seems to have had a social support network that assisted the less able members of the tribe.

            Much further east the remains of Homo erectus have been found in Java and the fossils of Homo luzonesis in the Philippines. The mysterious Homo wushanensis from China lived over 2 million years ago. Stone tools as old as 2.6 million years have been found in India, China and other parts of Asia and are similar to tools used in Africa at the time.

            Of interest too, especially to Australians are the Denisovans, fossil remains of whom were found in Siberia and Tibet but whose DNA has been found in the native people of New Guinea, Australia and the Solomon Islands. This brings up the possibility that the first members of the Homo genus to arrive in Australia were Denisovans.

            The book is very interesting and although it does not disprove the Out of Africa theories, it does present enough evidence to make anyone less dogmatic about these theories. A good read for those interested in the story of human evolution.

“UNMASKED: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” by Andy Ngo, Center Street, New York, 2021 (ISBN: 978-1-5460-5958-5)

            In June 2019, journalist Andy Ngo attended an antifa demonstration in the American city of Portland, Oregon. The demonstrators turned on Ngo, and despite their alleged concern for people of colour, were quite happy to beat up Ngo, despite his Vietnamese descent.

            Ngo and a number of others were bashed so badly they had to be hospitalised. One victim had only tried to help an older man being beaten on the ground. One of the antifa was sentenced over the violence, one of the few cases of an antifa member going to prison.

            In an earlier incident in November 2018 members of antifa jumped two navy reservists, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, both Latino, visiting Philadelphia. The attackers used racial slurs during the unprovoked attack on the two men, who they had mistaken for Proud Boys.

            It seems to be in the city of Portland that antifa demonstrates its power and violence the most. The near killing of three people in Portland by antifa in 2019 hardly caused a ripple. Their crimes trend to be whitewashed and ignored, their existence denied, while membership grows.

            Ngo points out that antifa are not just street hooligans but have a radical plan to destroy the nation state of the United States and bring about a revolution.

            Whilst a recent phenomenon in the US antifa actually have a long history that can be traced back to Germany. It was founded by the German Communist Party but actually seems to have been more interested in fighting social democrats and liberals than the Nazis.

            In 2020, following the death of George Floyd while he was being arrested by police in Minneapolis, antifa was associated with the incredible amount of violence that followed. They played as much a part as Black Lives Matter in stoking riots, vandalism and looting.

            In Seattle, the largest city in America’s Pacific North West, antifa created their own separatist revolutionary commune. They took over a six-block area and declared it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) which had its own declared territorial borders and a private militia to guard it.

            Apart from violence antifa use tactics like “doxing” whereby they research details of someone they don’t like and publish them on social media like Twitter. Details can include where the person lives, where they work, the kind of car they drive and who they are friends with. They also spy on people and discreetly photograph them. Another tactic is to amplify reports, often false, of hate crimes. These tactics can lead to harassment and abuse of those accused by antifa.

            Some antifa violence can be extreme. One militant, Connor Betts, killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio in 2019. Michael Forest Reinoehl shot Aaron Danielson, a Trump supporter, at point blank range. Reinoehl was later shot by police and became a martyr to antifa.

            Unlike Ngo, many journalists and hence the press are actually sympathetic to antifa.

As Ngo writes “antifa can terrify, dox, harass, and intimidate without any use of force. They’ve been particularly effective because they have infected one of the most important institutions of a free society: the free press. Ironically, media is now often used to undermine public support for free speech and the nation’s norms, culture, and history”.


THE FEDERAL budget recently announced a lot of big spending on infrastructure and $17.7 billion on improving aged care along with help for those affected by domestic violence and mental health issues. Migration has been slow and has contracted by 96,600 over the last twelve months. Population growth for the 2020-21 financial year is expected to be only 0.1%, rising to 0.2% in 2021-22 and 0.8% in 2022-23. Births seem to have declined and fertility rates are expected to fall to 1.59 in 2021-22 and rise to 1.69 in 2024-25. Migration is to be capped at 160,000 a year and a humanitarian intake of 13,750 (The Australian, 12/05/21).

SOUTH AUSTRALIA plans to create an Indigenous voice to parliament which will comprise of 13 members, all Aboriginals. Some will be appointed and some voted in (David Penberthy, TA, 7/05/21).

TRE JAMES RUDOLPH, 24, a man of Aboriginal appearance was charged in Newcastle Local Court with the rape and murder of a three-month-old girl in the suburb of Hamilton South (Charlie Coe, Daily Mail, 11/02/21).

SEX CRIMES appear to be on the increase in New South Wales, based on figures from the Bureau of Crime Statistics. In the two years to December 2020, reports of sex crimes rose 10% and reports of child sex assaults rose by 21.3%. Many other crimes such as robbery and break and enter actually went down (Nicolas Jensen, “Child Sex Crime Wave a Mystery as Thefts Fall”, TA, 18/03/21).

TWO SCHOOL GIRLS, aged 15, were raped by a gang of ten men after being lured from a train station, given stupefying drugs and threatened with broken bottles. The incident occurred in Brisbane’s south and most of the men were described as of African appearance. A number of the men have been arrested (Levi Parsons, Daily Mail, 31/01/21).

HANY IBRAHIM, 47, a pharmacist has been convicted over the rape of a 19-year-old woman during a consultation at a Mascot pharmacy in 2019 (Gary Hamilton-Irvine, Daily Telegraph, 12/03/21).

SIXTY-FIVE VICTORIAN children and teenagers died in one year, despite being known to the state’s welfare services. The deaths occurred in 2019-20, with 39 of the welfare cases being inactive and 26 cases being active (Damon Johnston, TA, 27/03/21).

AUSTRALIA HAS officially pulled out of the war in Afghanistan with our remaining 80 troops to leave by 11 September. This is the date the United States will also pull out and the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US that led to the war. Australia has lost 41 soldiers killed in action in the war (Finn McHugh, “Tears Mark End of Our Longest War”, DT).

THE NUMBER of Aboriginal youths, those aged 10 to 17, in jail in New South Wales has gone done from 161 in 2015 to 121 in 2019.  In 2015 they were 14% of youths in jail but this has fallen to 10%. The incarceration rate for Aboriginals in NSW is still 20 times that of non-Aboriginals (Nakari Thorpe, 15/05/21).

AN INJECTION of $747 million into defence facilities in the Northern Territory by the Australian government will help us be better prepared for foreign threats. This will allow the upgrading of firing ranges, weapons training, combat and urban shooting ranges, aviation facilities, and accommodation (James Morrow, “Ready for Wargames”, DT, 28/04/21).

THE DEFENCE Department has been asked by the Morrison government to review the Northern Territory’s 99-year-lease of the Port of Darwin to the Chinese owned company Landbridge due to security concerns. Critical infrastructure laws were passed in 2018 (Anthony Galloway, “Defence Reviews Darwin Port Deal”, Sydney Morning Herald, 3/05/21).

THOMAS SEWELL, 28, a supposed “neo-Nazi” and head of the Nationalist Socialist Network was arrested at his Melbourne home. Other members of the “white supremacist” group in Brisbane and Adelaide over the last month. According to Victoria Police, Sewell and a 22-year-old man were being questioned over a robbery in the Cathedral Range state park (Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop,  14/05/21).

AN INQUIRY in Victoria will examine how colonisation has led to racial inequality suffered by indigenous people in the state. The inquiry by an independent commission called the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission could lead to a treaty process in the state (Angelica Snowden, “Injustice Probe to Lead to Treaty”, TA, 10/03/21).

A MAN stabbed his wife to death in front of their two children and then stuffed her body into a freezer. The body of Vivien Chan Chen was only discovered in her Pymble (Sydney) home after the discovery of her husband’s Andrew Haolling Luo phone message.  Luo is awaiting prosecution in China (Perry Duffin, DT, 12/03/21).

A FOREIGN nest of spies was cleared out by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). A foreign espionage network had recruited a government official with security access to classified defence technology. The spies also groomed politicians and officials of a state police service. The country behind the spy ring was not disclosed but it appears it was not China (S. Benson & G. Chambers, TA, 18/03/21).

AN AUSTRALIAN girl, 9, was stalked online by a predator from the US who bombarded her with images of tortured animals and sexual abuse until she sent naked photos of herself. Jorge Rosales, 25, has been arrested in Beaverton, Oregon (David Murray, TA, 12/05/21).

A DRUG-ADDICT, Khanh Xuan Pham, stabbed Goran Stevanovic to death in the Sydney suburb of Sadlier and then cut of his penis and dismembered his body. Pham, 40, was given 22 years in jail after being convicted of murder (Steve Zemek, DT, 14/05/21).

A MELBOURNE teenager was to be charged with terrorism after lighting a fire in bushland and assaulting someone. Police linked the acts to Islamic extremism. A total of three people, the youngest 16, have been arrested by the Australian Joint Counter Terrorism Team (Tessa Akerman, TA, 18/03/21).

A ROYAL COMMISSION into the numerous suicides by military veterans has been announced by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison (DT, 20/04/21).

A WOMAN, 48, has been arrested after being filmed waving a burning Israeli flag during a protest in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba. The protests were about recent Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip (Campbell Gellie, DT, 13/05/21).


A MASS SHOOTING occurred in the US city of Boulder, Colorado, when Ahmad Al Aliwa Alissa opened fire in a grocery store killing ten people. Alissa had attended Arvada West High School where he was on the wrestling team and noted for his bad temper (Shelly Bradbury, 23/03/21).

EIGHT PEOPLE, including six Asian women, were shot and killed at three massage parlours in the US state of Georgia. A white man and a white woman were also killed and a Hispanic man was wounded. A white man, Robert Aaron Long, 21, was arrested over the attacks (AFP/The Australian, 18/03/21).

ISRAEL HAS been under attack by rockets from the Palestinian territory of Gaza with at least seven Israelis, including one six-year-old boy. Israel has retaliated with airstrikes which have killed 83 people, 17 of the children, in Gaza and injured 480. Mob violence and fighting between Jews and Arabs has erupted in Israel. The troubles began with unrest at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque which is sacred to both Muslims and Jews. This is the worst fighting in seven years (“Death Rains from Sky”, Daily Telegraph, 14/05/21). More fighting and deaths followed. Escalating airstrikes by the Israelis pulverised a high-rise that housed international media. A family of ten, mostly children, were killed in a refugee camp. By 17 May, 145 Gazans had been killed, as had eight Israelis (Fares Akram, Sydney Morning Herald, 17/05/21).

FARM MURDERS increased in South Africa despite the lockdown due to Covid-19. In a total of 397 attacks 71 people were killed, including 44 farmers, 13 spouses and other relatives, nine workers and five visitors (Lloyd Phillips,  6/01/21).

29 MEN, all of whom appear to be on Middle Eastern of Pakistani origin have been charged in relation to the rape and sexual exploitation of a girl from the time she was 13 and continuing until she was 20. The offences occurred in the British towns of Calderdale and Bradford between 2003 and 2010 (  13/05/21).

A GROOMING gang victim in the United Kingdom, revealed that she was abused by hundreds of Pakistani men but despite reporting the abusers to the police, none were arrested. The girl was systemically raped in Birmingham in the 2000s after running away from care homes in Derby. Other Derby girls were also groomed. The girl has subsequently awarded compensation from local government authorities (Kurt Zindulka,  4/05/21).

A DRAMATIC fall in the birth rates of Uyghur women in China could indicate an act of genocide according to an Australian report. It’s been claimed that Uyghur women are being forcibly sterilised and the birth rate in the Xinjiang region dropped by nearly half between 2017 and 2019 (Clarissa Bye, “China Birth Genocide”, DT, 14/05/21).

INDONESIAN POLICE are to charge a key leader of West Papua’s non-violent independence movement with treason amid a crackdown in the province. Victor Yeimo was arrested in Jayapura over his alleged role in the 2019 protests that descended into riots and the deaths of 33 people (Chandni Vasandani, TA, 12/05/21).

DEREK CHAUVIN, the policeman who was involved in the death of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis, has been found guilty of second-degree intentional murder and third-degree murder and manslaughter. He could spend the rest of his life in jail. The Floyd family has received a $US27 million civil settlement (Sarah Blake, “Finally We Have Justice”, DT, 22/04/21).

JORDAN BURNETTE, a 29-year-old black man has been arrested over a rash of hate crimes in the Bronx, USA. He is said to have vandalised four Synagogues and broke windows in parked cars (  1/05/21).

A MAN and five children were killed in a mass shooting in Muskogee, Oklahama, USA. A woman was also shot but appears to have survived. The children’s ages ranged from one-year-old up to nine years. The suspect in the killing is Jarron Pridgeon, 25, brother of the man killed. The suspect and the victims are all black (Amelia Mugavero,  2/02/21).

TWO BLACK teens, aged 15 and 17, have been charged over the beating, assault and death of an Asian Hmong woman, Ee Lee. The victim had her clothes pulled off and was sexually assaulted in Washington Park (Sarah Volpenhein, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/02/21).

THE ITALIAN Ambassador to the Congo, Luca Attanasio, was among three people killed in an attack on a convoy travelling from the city of Goma, Congo’s eastern regional capital. More than 2,000 people were killed last year in eastern Congo, part of the violence by armed groups that has seen 5.2 million people displaced (Jean-Yves Kamale and Nicole Winfield,  23/02/21)

CHINA’S POPULATION may have started to decline for the first time in 60 years. The notorious one child policy was abolished in 2016, but while births rose briefly they then started to decline. In Beijing births fell in 2020 by 32,000. Sales of consumer goods such as smartphones and cars has started to fall and there are concerns about the country’s aging population (Didi Tang, The Times).

THREE WHITE men were charged over the killing of a black jogger, Ahmaud Arbery, 25, in Georgia, USA in February. The men are now charged by the US Justice Department with hate crimes and kidnapping (AFP/ TA, 30/04/21).

AN EXPLOSION outside a school in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, killed at least 58, mostly schoolgirls, and injured 150 others. The neighbourhood appears to be mainly of the Shi’ite Muslim minority but the Taliban denied responsibility. US and NATO troops are leaving Afghanistan and will complete the withdrawal by 11 September (SMH, 10/05/21).

A VIOLENT INSURGENCY in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado led to the death of twelve foreigners, all of whom were beheaded. Thousands have fled as Islamic militants launched attacks on the town of Palma. The area has important gas resources (“Jihadists Beheaded 12 Westerners”, Sunday Telegraph, 11/04/21).

TWO SCHOOLGIRLS, aged 13 and 15, have been charged over the death of Mohammad Anwar, 66, who died after the girls assaulted him with a Taser, causing a fatal car crash. Anwar was a Pakistani who migrated to the USA for a “better life” (The London Times/DT, 30/03/21). Other reports indicate both girls were black.

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