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NUMBER ONE HUNDRED                                                                       AUTUMN 2022


             It appears that the figure for Australia’s economic growth we gave in our last issue was much too optimistic. The figure, taken from the Trading Economics website was 9.5% for the last financial year but the figure now given by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the financial year ended 30 June 2021 is 1.5%. (1) The figure for the calendar year ended December 2021 is 4.2%. (2) At the same time migration had gone into reverse and Australia had a very low increase in population growth which indicates that the economy can grow without a flood of immigrants.

            Nevertheless while net immigration is expected to be only 41,000 in 2021-22 it is expected to rise to 180,000 in 2022-23 and 213,000 a year later. (3) These figures presumably would include refugees and temporary migrants. A figure of 160,000 has been given for next financial year’s migrant intake and this includes 109,900 skilled migrants and fewer family reunion migrants. (4)

            The Federal Budget that came out in late March includes a few goodies aimed at stimulating the economy and this includes a $250 handout to anyone on welfare and an additional $420 rebate to low and middle income taxpayers. The petrol tax is to be halved for the next six months. (5) These are not long term benefits and there is no permanent tax relief for the lowest income levels.

            Looking at the broader implications for the economy it’s estimated that this financial year (2021-22) the government deficit will be $79.8 billion which is expected to fall to $47.1 billion in 2024-25. By then the government’s net debt is expected to be $823.3 billion. The government is optimistic about the economy expecting it to grow by 3.5% in 2022-23 and unemployment, which has recently fallen, to reach 3.75%. (6) No doubt a list of costly infrastructure projects is expected to help create more jobs and these include a $1billion to upgrade the railway between Newcastle and Sydney, $1.6 billion for an extension of the Brisbane to Sunshine Coast rail line and $3.1 billion for the Melbourne Intermodal Terminal Package. (7) A new port is proposed for Darwin.

            There is not a great deal in the budget for families despite the total fertility rate in 2020 falling to 1.58 per woman in 2020. The exception is with housing and an additional $2 billion will go to the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation which is expected to result in more than 10,000 affordable houses becoming available. Also the number of those to be assisted under the Home Guarantee Scheme will rise to 50,000. The scheme is available to couples with a combined income under $200,000 or singles under $125,000. Home ownership for Australians under 40 is the lowest since 1947. (8)

            Australia seems to be doing better economically than many comparable companies. Our employment levels are rising while those of Japan and Britain are falling. Our real GDP is also rising while that of Britain, Japan and Germany is going backwards.

            No doubt what largesse there was in this budget was influenced by the fact that a federal election is due shortly. It should also be kept in mind that much of the infrastructure expenditure is only needed because Australia has one of the more generous immigration intakes in the world and one of the highest rates of population growth in the Western world.

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            When discussing Australia’s immigration program most people try to ignore the racial implications but in fact this is one of the more serious aspects of the program. For much of the 20th century we had a White Australia Policy and non-Europeans were not welcome although a tiny number were allowed into this country. In 1965 Australia signed a United Nations treaty on the elimination of racial discrimination and from 1966 we began allowing more non-whites to migrate here. By the time Gough Whitlam was elected in 1972 about 10,000 non-whites were included in our migration program and Whitlam announced the end of White Australia although in fact he actually reduced the number of immigrants. Gradually however the proportion of non-Europeans increased and by the mid-1980s the number from Asia and the Middle-East outnumbered those from Europe. It’s hard to imagine a more profound attack on the nature of Australian culture and society than the racial changes made over the last 50 years with large parts of our cities, especially Sydney and Melbourne, looking as though they suffered some kind of ethnic cleansing as Asian and Middle Easterners moved in and white Australians moved out. Apart from the obvious changes what else happened.

            Living standards have risen in absolute terms but not as fast as many other countries and relative to many of them we have fallen behind. Just 50 years ago Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore were considered third world economies but now their living standards have risen to the level of the better off Western nations and have overtaken some of them. With the exception of Singapore these countries do not take in many migrants and their population growth, unlike their economic growth has been slow and Japan’s population has been falling for at least a decade. Singapore’s ethnic Chinese majority, about three-quarters of their population are noted for low birth rates and that country does take in a relatively high number of migrants but makes sure enough of them are ethnic Chinese so that they remain a dominant majority.

            Meanwhile in Australia our white majority will probably be a minority by the middle of this century and living standards are stagnating. In the bad old days of the 1950s and 60s our economy grew at an average of 4.6% a year which was more than twice the rate of population growth (an average of 2.1% a year). We have never had an extended period of such growth since. (Which doesn’t say much for the growing number of free trade agreements we have entered into either).

            Crime has also been a problem. Australia’s homicide rate fell to 0.8 per 100,000 of population in 1941 but tended to rise afterwards. It tended to bounce around at a rate of 1.5 or 1.6 for years but then rose to 2.4 per 100,000 in 1988 – the highest since national homicide records started being kept in 1915.

            Prison statistics also reflect a rise in crime. In the mid-1970s our imprisonment rate was about 91 per 100,000 of population but this then began to rise and is now over 200 per 100,000. Despite there being a big proportion of Aboriginals in our prisons and this boosting the rate of imprisonment for the Australia born there are still a number of migrant nationalities who have a higher rate of imprisonment than Australians. At one stage there were ten such nationalities, all but one of them from non-European nations – in other words people who would not have been in our country if we had kept the White Australia Policy. The Australian Bureau of Statistics who collect this information then decided to only include “selected” migrant groups in the statistics on prisoners but those who were included tended to inevitably be from non-white countries. Migrant prisoners are also more likely to be in jail for homicide than are Australian prisoners and the big drop in immigration associated with the Covid crisis also saw a drop in homicides.

            While the drop in homicides seems to have occurred over much of Australia it was noticeable that those areas of our big cities with high concentrations of non-European migrants still tend to have higher murder rates. In New South Wales there were only 51 murders in 2021 compared to 69 the previous year, a drop of 26.1%. The rate per 100,000 of population fell from 0.8 to 0.6 but in the “multicultural” local government of Cumberland in western Sydney, the rate stayed at 1.6 for 2020 and 2021. The Blacktown area, which has suffered a flood of immigrants over recent years, did see a slight drop from 1.6 to 1.00 which is higher than the state average, while the Sydney City area saw an increase of 1.2 to 1.6 per 100,000.

Census figures from 2016 show that migrants from Asia generally have higher unemployment rates than the Australia born, those from the Middle East do even worse and black Africans worse again.

            While crime went up the average IQ in Australia has tended to go down. We attract migrants from high IQ places like Hong Kong and low IQ places like sub-Saharan nations, but it is those from the lower IQ nations who have the most children. High IQ countries tend to have low fertility rates and this means that in years to come we will have trouble getting a lot of migrants from those countries but will get more from the low IQ nations hence making our migrant intake, and the country, darker and duller.

Census figures from 2016 show that migrants from Asia generally have higher unemployment rates than the Australia born, those from the Middle East do even worse and black African worse again.


             Both in dollars terms and as a proportion of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Australia’s foreign debt as increased considerably since the mid-1980s. In 1983-84 net foreign debt amounted to $32,492 million or 15.2% of GDP. In 2000-01 debt reached $295,880 million and 41.9% of GDP. By 2013-14 foreign debt went to $865,462 million or 54.6% of GDP. In the meantime interest on net foreign debt went from $3,412 million in 1983-84 to $23,307 million in 2013-14.

(Source: Australia’s Foreign Debt: a quick guide – Parliament of Australia  Downloaded 6 April 2022)

            More recent figures show a further increase in net foreign debt. It reached $1,062.5 billion at December 2017 ($1,062,500 million) and then increased by $79.1 billion or 7.44% to reach $1,141.6 billion at December 2018. In 2019 it went up by $45.2 billion or 3.96% to reach $1,186.8 billion at the end of that year. The rate of increase tended to slow down in 2020 and 2021 but by December 2021 it had reached $1,204.9 billion.


             In the Northern Territory, police officer Zachary Rolfe has been found not guilty over the fatal shooting of Aboriginal man Kumanjayi Walker in 2019. Walker, 19, died during an attempted arrest in the community of Yuendumu 300 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs and had stabbed Constable Rolfe with scissors.

            The decision was controversial and an Indigenous campaign has called for a ban on all-white juries in cases where a police officer is being tried over the death of an Indigenous person.

            Police in Western Australia have begun a large-scale response to escalating rates of crime among youth in the Kimberley. Youth crime has risen 54% in the Kimberley with 526 burglaries last year alone, five officers being injured, 11 police vehicles damaged and three local police stations rammed in recent months by youths in stolen vehicles. The torching of stolen cars has become a near-daily occurrence in Broome.

            Also in Western Australia, police have mounted Operation Regional Shield to protect 578 at-risk children across the Kimberley. 24 officers were deployed and 111 charges have been laid. Police have found children as young as six wandering the streets at four o’clock in the morning and some had not been fed for days. Children as old as ten years have been found not registered at any school. So far there has been a fall in crime with a reduction of 40% in crimes like car theft and burglaries in Broome and Derby.


NEOLITHIC: The New Stone Age or Neolithic Age, when Europeans left a hunter gatherer lifestyle for a more settled farmer lifestyle, was marked by genetic changes which led to higher intelligence, lighter skin and taller people. Unfortunately it also involved changes that meant lower concentrations of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol and greater susceptibility to heart disease.

ABORIGINAL DEMENTIA: Studies indicate that Aboriginal Australians living in remote areas are disproportionately affected by dementia with rates about double those of non-Aboriginal people. A new study shows that Aboriginals living in urban areas also have high rates of dementia.  10 February 2022

AMAZON: Deforestation in the Amazon has accelerated with more damage done in the first three months of 2022 than in the same period last year. About 940 sq. km of destruction has occurred, the highest quarterly amount since monitoring began in 2015.

“Amazon’s Tree Loss”, Sunday Telegraph, 10 April 2022

GEESE: Bones found at the site of a Stone Age village in China have been identified as from geese and dated to about 7000 years old. This would indicate that geese were the first birds to be domesticated. Firm evidence of the domestication of chickens appears from 5000 years ago.

Michael Marshall, “Geese May have been the First Birds to be Domesticated”, New Scientist, 12 March 2022

URBAN EVOLUTION: Birds, rats and other animals living in urban environments seem to be evolving away from their rural counterparts. In fact rats in New York seem to be evolving differently according to whether they live in uptown Manhattan or downtown Manhattan and the two types don’t interbreed. Foxes that have taken to living in cities in the United Kingdom have wider, shorter snouts than those in rural areas. Many insects are evolving resistance to insecticide.

Rob Dunn, “Evolution’s Urban Hothouse”, New Scientist, 12 March 2022

EUROPEAN PREHISTORY: Archaeogenetic studies have shown that human movements like migrations and expansions played a major role in driving the spread of cultures and genes in ancient Europe. Bohemia in central Europe attracted many cultures. In addition to the expansions associated with the spread of agriculture and “steppe” related ancestry, three other migratory events that shaped central European prehistory have been identified. The Cored Ware culture that existed 4,900 to 4,400 years ago was marked by a decline in the number of Y-lineages from five to males carrying almost exclusively a single lineage indicating that only a minority of men fathered the majority of offspring. With the Bell Beaker culture from 4,500 to 4,200 years ago all males sampled belong to a single Y-lineage never seen before in Bohemia, indicating a replacement of the earlier Corded Ware males. Another genetic turnover occurred with the Early Bronze Age Unetice culture with 80% of Y-lineages being new to Bohemia but some showing evidence of descent from north-eastern Europe.

MORTALITY: Statistics on deaths in Australia in 2020 show 161,300 registered deaths, a decrease of 8,001 from 2019. Infant deaths fell from 1,009 to 943 and the infant mortality rate fell from 3.3 to 3.2 per thousand live births. With Indigenous Australians there was an increase in deaths from 3,435 in 2019 to 3,611 in 2020. However Indigenous infant deaths fell from 113 to 103. Based on three-year averages the Indigenous infant mortality rate fell from 5.8 to 5.4 in 2020. In the Northern Territory however it rose from 11.4 in 2008-2010 to 13.8 in 2018-2020. The median age of death for Indigenous people rose from 56.5 to 61.0 years over a ten-year period while at the same time the non-Indigenous median age of death only rose from 81.1 to 81.9 years.

Australian Bureau of Statistics,  Released 29/09/2021



            We are constantly told of the concentration camps run by the Nazis during World War II but much less is said about the camps that surrendered German prisoners were held in at the end of the war. The condition in many of these camps were terrible and many of those imprisoned in them did not survive.

            According to James Bacque in his book, “Other Losses”, almost four million German soldiers were held in barbed-wire enclosures that had no buildings to shelter in and the prisoners were given insufficient food and water. Possibly 750,000 or more died in those camps from malnutrition and disease. Women, children and old men also died in these camps.

            There were many among the Allies who wished to destroy Germany, or at least incapacitate the nation so that it could not be a threat ever again. Under the Morgenthau Plan, developed by American Secretary of the Treasury, Henry C. Morgenthau and his assistant Harry Dexter White, called for the destruction of Germany’s industrial base making 60% of the population support themselves on the land. As for the other 40%?

            As the Americans advanced during late 1944 they found they had too few guards to watch the captured Germans hence the prisoners were often disarmed and sent home unguarded. They were often attacked by the French. Many who were put into rail cars arrived dead.

            American General Dwight D. Eisenhower showed no sympathy for the enemy and suggested that all officers in the German General Staff, leaders of the Nazi Party and members of the Gestapo be liquidated. This, if carried out, would mean the death of 100,000 people.

            To get around the Geneva Convention rules on the treatment of prisoners of war the Americans gave them the status of “disarmed enemy forces” or DEFs. This negated the right of the International Red Cross to inspect the camps where the prisoners were held.

            The camps known as the Rhine Meadows camps opened in April 1945 and at first had no guard towers, no tents, no buildings, no cooking facilities, no water and no latrines. They were overcrowded and at some camps there was not enough space for the prisoners to lie down. One camp that was supposed to hold a maximum of 8,000 prisoners held in fact 32,902.

            Overcrowding, disease, exposure and malnutrition were the rule in American camps in Germany. Those held in the camps included the sick, amputees, women auxiliaries, and civilians. In the Rheinberg camp one inmate was over 80-years-old and another was aged nine. Many died of dysentery. One ex-prisoner recalled that 30 to 40 bodies were dragged out each day – and that was just from one camp. Sometimes hundreds died in one day.

            At the same time there seems to have been no shortage of tents that could have been used to shelter the prisoners from the elements and generally the US army appeared to have a surplus of food. Civilians who tried to take food to the prisoners were turned away, mail was often stopped and food parcels from the Red Cross were confiscated.

            Bacque asserts that Germans were now dying at a faster rate than they were during the war before they surrendered. He claims that at least 10 times as many Germans died in the American and French camps as were killed in combat on the Western Front in Europe between June 1941 and April 1945.

            Many prisoners were transferred to the French camps from the American camps. The French were appalled at the condition of the prisoners but seem to have treated them little better than the Americans had. In fact shootings of the prisoners seem to have increased. In one incident drunken French officers at Andernach drove through the camp laughing as they shot prisoners with their Sten guns. About 47 were killed and 55 were wounded.

            According to Bacque the number of prisoners who died in the camps in Germany and France was over 800,000 and possibly nearly a million.

            Many people claim that Bacque’s figures are grossly exaggerated. Stephen Ambrose of the University of New Orleans asserts that General Eisenhower did not hate the Germans, there was a serious food shortage at the time, and that many of the “other losses” were actually released from the camps.

            Bacque’s figures for total deaths may be too high but other writers also claim there was serious mistreatment of the prisoners. Giles MacDonogh in his book “After the Reich” deals with this subject.

            When the writer John Dos Passos visited the Rhine Meadows camps he claimed that the prisoners were being deliberately starved and robbed of wristwatches, cameras and Nazi souvenirs.

            Prisoners could be beaten if they fell while trying to catch cans of food. Those caught stealing food were forced to eat themselves sick.

            The Americans admit almost 6,000 Germans died in these camps but others claim at least 32,000 and probably 40,000 died. The American figures do not tally with the numbers of graves in local cemeteries.

            The former Nazi concentration camp of Dachau was mainly used for members of the SS. Other members of the SS were kept in an old penitentiary in Schwabisch Hall near Stuttgart. To gain confessions for war crimes the prisoners were subject to long periods in solitary confinement, subject to extremes of heat and cold, and mock trials. This was in addition to kicks in the groin, deprivation of food and water, and savage beatings.

            The Americans did later set up a commission of inquiry into the abuses and found that in 139 cases examined, 137 had their testicles permanently destroyed by being kicked. A handful of interrogators were charged, all of them having German or Jewish German names.

            The British camps had a better reputation and generally the prisoners were better treated but there were exceptions. A British camp in Belgium was said to be not much better than Belsen. An inspection in May 1947 found that there were only four functioning light bulbs in the camp. There was no fuel, no straw mattresses, and no food apart from “water soup”. Hygiene was poor with only two washhouses for every 500 men, no soap and no towels.

            At Bad Nenndorf near Hanover the British had an interrogation facility where men were tortured. The centre of the town was sealed off with barbed wire and the torture chamber was an old pumproom. The happenings at Bad Nenndorf led to an investigation by the British government but only two officers were court martialled and both were acquitted. Bad Nenndorf was closed down but interrogations went on elsewhere.

            While less has been written about the prisoners held in the Soviet Union, their treatment seems to have been much worse than for those held by the Americans. The Soviets made no distinction between prisoners of war and civilians and both could be shipped off to the Soviet Union. A total of 1,094,250 German and other Axis soldiers perished, half of them dying before April 1945. Of 90,000 German soldiers taken prison at Stalingrad only 5,000 survived.


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“Rheinwiesenlager” Wikipedia


             “They bring girls of 10 or 12 to a special secluded place in the bush…then they cut of their hair with a razor, and bring them on the following day to a river in the bush, where, at the appointed time, the priestess arranges the circumcision, one holds the other tight and the priestess cuts the ring of pleasure out of the private parts, which bleed very much and hurt very much. After the circumcision the priestess heals the wounds with green herbs, this lasts about 10 to 12 days”.

                Olfert Dapper, describing female genital mutilation in Africa, 1670


“I CAN’T BREATH: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America” by David Horowitz, Regency Publishing, Washington, D.C., 2021 (ISBN: 978-1-68451-218-8)

            Following the death of black American, George Floyd while being arrested by police in Minneapolis in May 2020 demonstrations, lawlessness and violence broke out across the country. Most of these protests according to David Horowitz were organised by a group call Black Lives Matter (BLM) which had been organising similar protests against what is claimed to be “systemic racism” for seven years.

            Apart from the violence, deaths and hundreds of millions in of damage, Horowitz claims this led to the reshaping of political alignments, affected the outcome of a presidential election, and inspired the largest ever exodus from America’s cities.

            Studies showed that in 103 days there were 633 violent protests in 220 locations across America including 48 of America’s 50 largest cities. There were also thousands of protests said to be peaceful.

            As thousands joined the not-so-peaceful protests rioters defaced public and private property, smashed windows, looted stores, set vehicles and buildings on fire, toppled statues, attacked citizens who opposed them, assaulted police officers and turned urban areas into war zones. People died, including two black police officers. Businesses, many of them black-owned were destroyed. The financial cost of property damage in the riots was projected to be the costliest acts of civil disorder in American history.

            Unbelievably BLM received millions of dollars in donations from tax exempt foundations, major companies like Microsoft and Amazon, and wealthy individuals such as George Soros and LeBron James. There is no evidence that any of this money was being used to help poor blacks.

            Violence did not stop with demonstrations and riots. Crime in the United States got out of control and in the year 2020 there was a 30% rise in the number of homicides across the nation. In the cities of Chicago and Atlanta homicides rose over 50%, in Minneapolis it was 72% and in Milwaukee an astounding 95%.

            Horowitz thinks that in number there could have been 7,000 more homicides, many of the victims were black, and he lays the blame on the mendacious claims of BLM.

            Derek Chauvin, the white policeman who pressed his knee against George Floyd’s neck was charged with murder. This was despite Floyd having been high on methamphetamines and fentanyl at the time. Fentanyl is much more potent than heroin. Floyd also had heart problems and was positive for Covid-19.

            As for racial animus, there is no evidence. In fact two of the four arresting officers were “people of colour”. One, Tou Thao was Asian and J. Alexander Kueng was of African descent.

            Nevertheless Chauvin was found guilty on three charges: second-degree manslaughter, second-degree murder, and third-degree murder. And this was despite an on-going controversy about the exact cause of Floyd’s death.

            The George Floyd incident was of course not the first case of a black person dying in a confrontation with a white police officer. Horowitz details a number of these cases, going back to the death of Trayvon Martin although the man who shot martin, George Zimmerman was a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer, not a police officer. Nevertheless this case set off the BLM movement.

            There were more cases to follow but despite BLM claims none appear to involve a racial motive. This could not be said of the incident in which a black man massacred five police officers in Dallas in July 2016. There were other similar incidents.

            The statistical evidence on police shootings do not support BLM propaganda. The number of blacks killed by police is noticeably less than the number involved in violent crime. While blacks make up 13% of the US population they commit 40% of all violent crime and over half of all murders, there are twice as many whites as blacks are killed by police. Black police officers kill unarmed black suspects at a higher rate than white or Hispanic officers. Killings of cops by black criminals are disproportionately high. Similarly most inter-racial crime involves a black culprit attacking whites rather than the other way round. Horowitz reminds us that blacks were the attackers in 85% of violent crime between blacks and whites, while whites carried out only 15% of the attacks.

            Horowitz mentions the Tony Timpa case in which a 32-year-old man was handcuffed, forced to the ground and held under a policeman’s knee for 14 minutes. He died but his tormentors escaped criminal charges. Unlike Floyd, Timpa was white and his case was largely ignored by the media.

            A case that was not ignored was that of Ahmaud Arbery, a young black man who was killed when a white civilian, Travis McMichael, accompanied by his father and another white man, attempted to make a citizens arrest of Arbery. Horowitz shows no sympathy for the three white men but does point out that if calls to “defund the police” are heeded, the likelihood is that vigilantism will increase. Arbery incidentally had a history of criminal trespass and theft.

            The large increase in homicides in 2020, and doubtless again in 2021, involved thousands of deaths, making the number of unarmed blacks dying at the hands of police look miniscule by comparison. These thousands of deaths attracted much less media attention or angst than the death of George Floyd although Horowitz does not dwell on media bias.

            Horowitz does express concern about the over reaction to the January 6 demonstrations in support of Donald Trump. The demonstrations, in 2021, are being used as an excuse for repressing the diversity of opinion that America has enjoyed for the last 250 years.

“AMERICA BLEED A LOT! Shocking but True Stories of Unprovoked Black on White Violence in America” by Darrick Evenson, The Liberty Movement USA, Salt Lake City, 2020 (ISBN: 9798675132164)

             The late Colin Flaherty, an American journalist, produced a book about black on white violence in the United States called “White Girl Bleed a Lot”. He was concerned about both the level of violence and the way the mainstream media largely ignored it.

            Many people contacted Flaherty by e-mail telling him of their experience with black violence and similar problems. Evenson has collected many e-mails sent over a six month period and these make up the bulk of his book.

            The stories make for disturbing reading, seeing how much violence and abuse – physical and verbal – that white and occasionally non-black minorities suffer at the hands of black people. Some attacks include theft, vandalism and even murder.

            Some of the people tell of their experience in schools where black pupils outnumber white pupils. Many of the white children are subject to horrendous levels of bullying and indifference, bias or incompetence by school authorities. Black bullies often rely on making allegations, generally false, that their white victims used racial slurs to excuse their attacks.

            Meanwhile teaching and learning in mixed race schools are adversely affected with black pupils having little interest in anything except stories of slavery, the KKK, and civil rights. Even a black teacher complained to Flaherty about a lack of support by school administrators.

            The book includes an appendix in which Evenson gives some truths about slavery and the involvement of Africans in enslaving other Africans. He also gives some advice to black Americans on how to behave when dealing with police officers. Judging by the violence that has occurred in America over the last two years and the support Black Lives Matter receives, it’s unlikely his advice will be taken up.

            Evenson also points out that in 1970 during the height of Apartheid in South Africa, the average black African was better fed, better housed, better educated, better medicated, than the average African in a black ruled nation. Since 1994 and the end of Apartheid whites in South Africa are being raped and murdered at war-time rates and it is the poorer whites who are suffering, not those who benefitted under the Apartheid regime.

“STALIN’S VENGEANCE: The Final Truth about the Forced Return of Cossacks after World War II” by Nikolai Tolstoy, Academica Press, Washington, 2021 (ISBN: 9781680538809)

             The end of World War II in Europe should have seen an end to the killing but unfortunately this was not so. The vindictiveness and cruelty of the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin could not be satiated until he took his revenge on those who had turned to the other side during the war and those who had fought against the Communist takeover of Russia years before.

            Among those that Stalin had it in for were the Don Cossacks who had fought for the “Whites” (i.e. anti-Communists) against the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War. Many Cossacks were slaughtered in what approached genocide and an estimated 10,000 were summarily killed, thousands imprisoned in appalling conditions, while grim oppression laid waste to the Don for a generation. Some Cossacks however made it to other parts of Europe, joining the émigré community as exiles. This included General Peter Krasnov, one of the more important Cossack leaders.

            Under the Yalta Agreement the British had agreed to deport any Soviet citizens they held back to the Soviet Union. They also agreed to send anti-Communist Yugoslavs back to Yugoslavia, now under the leadership of Communist dictator, Josip Tito. Under the Yalta Agreement there was no obligation to deport any Cossack or Caucasian who had never been a citizen of the Soviet Union and this would have included most emigres like Peter Krasnov and their children.

            There were also illegalities in the deportation of Soviet citizens as well. The Geneva Convention of 1929 does not allow for the forced removal of those who do not wish to be returned to their country of origin. It appears it was also illegal to lie to these prisoners about where they were going – and the British did lie.

            Nevertheless as Tolstoy tells us both coercion and lies were used to send both Soviet citizens and emigres, including women and children, to the Soviet Union. A number of Germans were also forced to join those sent to suffer at the hands of Stalin and his henchmen. To further the infamy Tolstoy finds no evidence that the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill or the high levels of the British military had given any instructions to repatriate the Cossacks. Decisions seem to have been made lower down the military hierarchy and by Harold Macmillan, who was the Minister Resident and the only important British politician in the area at the time. Macmillan, as evidenced in his diary had no allusions about how the Cossacks would be treated and that they would be subject to “slavery, torture and probably death”.

            Churchill appears to have been against the handover of these people to the Soviets and wanted Eisenhower to protect them from being delivered up to their enemies. For that matter many of the British officers and their men were not too happy about what was going on.

            While lies and misinformation were used to manipulate the Cossacks and others there was also a degree of force especially when they realised they were being deceived. A small number managed to escape to the surrounding forests. The now disarmed prisoners were often attacked with rifle butts and pick axes. Armoured cars with machine guns encouraged compliance from the Cossacks. Some panicked, some were crushed to death, a few were shot by the British, and some committed suicide by jumping into rivers or by self-immolation.  In just one day an estimated 700 Cossacks, including children died.  As more of the Cossacks were deported violence tended to lessen and the victims became resigned to their fate.

            In rare cases the British actually helped some to escape including an intelligence officer who had at one time served with their police in Hong Kong. General Krasnov’s wife, Lydia was also spared deportation. The Cossack’s horses and camels however were not spared. Eight thousand were driven into a huge pit and shot with machine guns mounted on armoured cars. Many of the Cossacks fared no better. Their Russians took them to a steel mill in Judenburg and slaughtered them. Smoke rising from the factory’s chimneys carried the stench of burning human flesh.

            Others, including men, women and children were sent to camps in Siberia. Families were broken up, they were treated as slaves, clad in rags, slept on bare boards in unheated rooms and survived on starvation rations. Beatings and torture were inflicted unceasingly.


EVANDER TUALA, 23, was stabbed during a brawl outside a pub in Sydney’s Oxford Street. About 10 to 15 people were involved in the brawl, some from Fairfield and nearby suburbs in Sydney’s west and some from the eastern beaches area (Natassia Chrysanthos, “Many Fighting for Life after Brawl outside Taylor Square Pub”, Sydney Morning Herald, 11/04/2022). Tuala was taken to hospital but later died (“Family Honours Selfless Oxford St Brawl Victim”, Daily Telegraph, 13/04/22).

UATI “PELE” FALETOLU, 17, was stabbed to death while working at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. The incident appears to be connected with conflict between “postcode” gangs. Faletolu lived in Doonside, postcode 2767 and the attackers may have come from Mt Druitt area, postcode 2770. Another youth suffered knife wounds in the incident (M. Morri, J. Hanrahan & J. Fife Yeomans, “Killed Over a Post Code”, Daily Telegraph, 13/04/22).

IN AUSTRALIA, 32% of people rent their homes while in 2019 a survey in Ukraine found only 8% do so (L. Ferraciolli & R. Cox, “Why Fight for a Country That Ignores You?” SMH, 4/04/22).

A MAN suffered knife wounds after a brawl at the Blackbird Café at Cockle Bay Wharf in Darling Harbour. A 20-year-old man was charged with affray and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Police are also seeking six other men, all of African appearance (Lauren Ferri, “Cops want to Speak to Men after Stabbing at Darling Harbour Restaurant”, 30/03/22).

A SIXTH MAN has been charged over the fatal stabbing of Western Australian basketballer, Alier Riak, 23. Riak’s brother Kuol, 26, was also injured in the incident. The killing occurred during a brawl in Melbourne and the six men face charges of murder, violent disorder, affray and commit indictable offence while on bail. Riak is of black African appearance ( 30/03/22). This appears to be a black on black crime.

A TUTOR who plied a teenage student with rohypnol and then sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious was sentenced to six years prison. Zhifan Song, 37, disguised the drug as health vitamins (David Barwell, DT, 9/04/22).

QUEENSLAND COPS were embarrassed when a picture of Hitler appeared on at least two pages of their online training program (Thomas Chamberlain, “QLD Cops in Hitler Blunder”, DT, 6/04/22).

NATHAN SYKES, linked to an allegedly white far-right nationalist political party has escaped jail for intimidation despite pleading guilty to using a carriage service to menace or harass. Sykes is said to have threatened serious harm to lawyer and freelance writer Luke McMahon and wanted to “smash him to a f…ing pulp” and “circumcise you to a carrot” (“Far Right Troll Escapes Jail for Intimidation”, DT, 2/04/22).

A MALE nurse is said to have raped a female patient recovering from heart surgery at a Sydney hospital and sexually touched two other women at work. Police began investigating Ali Khamis Moh’d in September 2021. Moh’d gained his qualifications at Jordan University in 2003 (Madeline Crittenden, “Nurse Raped Heart Patient”, DT, 2/04/22).

THE FEDERAL government has expanded its commitment to help Afghan nationals fleeing the Taliban get a visa to settle in Australia. Our humanitarian program will remain at 13,750 a year but 16,500 places have been allocated to Afghan nationals over the next four years (“Refugees Given Safe Haven”, DT, 31/03/22).

A MILLIONAIRE businessman has been expelled from Australia after being accused of carrying out tasks for a Chinese intelligence operative and working covertly in a way that advanced Beijing’s interests. The man, a property developer named Zheng Jiefu is one of a number deported because of suspected ties to China (Nick McKenzie, “ASIO Suspicions Led to Millionaire’s Expulsion”, SMH, 4/04/22).

AHNSUP KIM, 52, a Sydney-based cosmetic surgeon, has been convicted over the rape of hostess at a karaoke bar in Melbourne in September 2017 (Erin Lyons, “Cosmetic Doc Jailed for Rape at Karaoke Bar”, DT, 9/04/22).

A SYDNEY solicitor, Melad Haider-Wardak is alleged to have bashed another driver during a road rage incident so viciously that the victim needed surgery and a metal plate in his face. He claims to have acted in self-defence. He is also said to have racially abused the other driver and said “you Indian c—t go back to your country” (Anton Rose, “Lawyer Faces Jail Time for Alleged Vicious, Racist Assault”, DT, 2/04/22).

AN ELECTION poster for federal Labor MP Josh Burns was vandalised with a swastika and a Hitler moustache. Mr Burns is Jewish and represents the Macnamara electorate in Melborne’s inner southeast (“MP in Swastika Attack”, Sunday Telegraph, 27/02/22).

THE FEDERAL Environment Minister Sussan Ley has faced an injunction against plans to secretly bury the bones of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady. The prehistoric remains are among those of 106 others discovered in the Willandra Lakes region of NSW between 1960 and 1980 and are claimed to be among the earliest modern humans discovered anywhere in the world. Aboriginal groups and some academics have opposed the decision to bury the remains and claims they are being treated like trash (Jack Latimore, “Elders Fight Over ‘Secret’ Reburial”, SMH, 18/04/22).

AUSTRALIA’S POPULATION in 1954 was only 9,090,395 but grew to 25,738,000 in 2021 and is projected to reach 38,456,000 in 2054. In the same years Sydney’s population grew from 1,863,000 to 5,361,000 and is expected to reach 8,648,000 by 2054. Meanwhile Melbourne grew from 1,524,000 to 5,096,000 and could reach 8,915,000 in 2054 making it Australia’s largest city. Brisbane grew from 502,000 to 2,582,000 and could reach 4,245,000 in 2054 (Bernard Salt, “A Century of Aussie Cities: Taking the Long-Term View”, The Australian, 21/04/22).

A MAN IN INNISFAIL, Queensland, paid another person to cut his leg off. The man, 66, died of his injuries. John Yalu, 36, and of Indigenous/Pacific Islander appearance has been charged over the incident (“Cash for Leg Saw”, DT, 22/02/22).

LABOUR SHORTAGES on Australian farms is said to be leading to exploitation, especially of undocumented workers. Some workers make only $200 to $300 a week and a lot of this is skimmed off by greedy intermediaries and shadowy visa agents who hold out the illusion that these workers can get asylum eligibility. It is thought that before the pandemic there were 60,000 undocumented works in Australia (TA, 24/02/22)


AMERICA’S ROAD toll increased during 2020 with 36,680 people killed in traffic crashes. Of these, 29,092 were white which was an increase of 4% over 2019 was. During the same period 7,494 blacks were killed, an increase of 23% ( 23/06/21).

BRITAIN IS to start sending illegal migrants, including asylum seekers, to the African nation of Rwanda. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that Rwanda is a safe country and has a record of “welcoming and integrating migrants” (“Rwanda Migrant Shock”, Daily Telegraph, 16/04/22).

AIR STRIKES have been carried out against Syria by Israel targeting positions southwest of Damascus. Since civil war broke out in Syria in 2011 Israel has carried out thousands of air strikes against the country targeting both government positions and those of the militant Shiite group Hezbollah. The war in Syria has so far cost 500,000 lives and displaced millions (“Israeli Strikes Hit Syria”, DT, 16/04/22).

PRISONERS IN China have had their hearts removed by surgeons while still alive according to researchers from the Australian National University. The researchers examined 124,770 medical papers from Chinese databases between 1980 and 2020 using an algorithm to scan the reports of 56 hospitals and 300 medical workers (Clarissa Bye, “Beijing’s Horrific Harvest of Hearts”, DT, 6/04/22).

TERRORIST ATTACKS in Israel have been blamed on that country’s 55-year occupation of the West Bank and to Israel’s control over religious sites in Jerusalem. Attacks in four Israeli cities since 22 March are the worst since 2016 and saw 14 people killed (Patrick Kingsley, “Wave of Terrorism Defies Clear Narrative”, Sydney Morning Herald, 11/04/22).

A GUNMAN in New York set off two smoke bombs and then shot 10 people on a subway train. The person of interest was described as a “dark-skinned male” (Angela Weiss, AFP/The Australian, 14/04/22). Frank James, a 62-year-old black man was later arrested for the shooting which appears to have been a hate crime.

THE FRENCH have re-elected Emmanuel Macron as president. Macron gained 58.6% of the votes against right-wing rival Marine Le Pen who gained 41.4%. Ultra-leftists have demonstrated both against the win of Macron and the strong result of Le Pen (“Europe Breathes a Huge Sigh of Relief”, DT, 26/04/22).

SIX PEOPLE died and 48 had to be rescued after an overloaded boat carrying migrants capsized near Lebanon while being pursued by naval forces.

CLASHES IN Sudan’s Darfur region saw at least 168 people killed and dozens wounded. Armed tribesmen attacked the non-Arab Massalit minority in retaliation for the killing of two tribesmen (“Massacre Death Toll Set to Rise”, DT, 26/04/22).

URSULA HAVERBACK, 93, described as the “Nazi grandma” has been sentenced to 12 months in prison in Germany for denying that Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. A Berlin court rejected an appeal. Haverback had previously served 30 months for similar crimes (Elad Benari,  1/04/22).

THE MURDER rate in the USA in 2021 was the highest it’s been in 25 years. The murder rate has been estimated at 6.9 per 100,000 people, compared to 7.4 back in 1996 ( ).

THE MILITARY regime in Myanmar (formerly Burma) has, according to the United Nations, displaced 500,000 people by violence and killed more than 1,500 civilians. They are accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Australian government’s response has been described as “muted” compared to the response to the situation in Ukraine (Susan Banki, “Ukraine Needs Our Help, But So Does Myanmar”, SMH, 21/03/22).

A CONMAN IN India has been arrested after marrying 18 women for their money. Bibhu Prakash Swain, 67, posed as a 51-year-old doctor and persuaded professors, lawyers, medics and a paramilitary officer to marry him and used fake ID cards. ( 21 Feb).

DENMARK HAS found that their Danish-born citizens contribute much more to public finances during their working lives than migrants. Western immigrants however contribute almost as much. Those migrants from the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey contribute much less and actually contribute less than it costs the state to support them.

METROPOLITAN POLICE figures from England show that the ethnic appearance of 34% of knife crime victims between 01/01/2019 and 13/10/2019 was white European, 20% was Afro-Caribbean and 16% was Asian. The ethnic appearance of people proceeded against during this time was 27% white European, 51% Afro-Caribbean and 12% Asian.

SOUTH AFRICA saw nearly 10,000 rapes and 6,100 murders in the three months from July to September 2021. This represented a 7.1% increase in rapes and a 20.7% increase in homicides from the same months in 2020 (Hassan Isilow, 19/11/21).

VIOLENCE AGAINST children surged in South Africa in late 2021 with a 30% jump in attempted murders and 352 children killed. There was actually a drop of 5.6% in child killings from the same period in 2020. In the last three months of 2021 there were 6,859 people murdered, including the 352 children ( 18/02/22).

THE USA saw 73 police officers murdered in 2021, an increase of 59% over the previous year.

CANADA WAS shocked by ‘revelations’ in 2021 that a mass grave had been found in the grounds of the Kamloops Residential Indian School indicating that sadistic nuns who ran the school had killed or neglected hundreds of indigenous children and then engaged in a cover-up. Consequent investigation failed to find even one body hence the mass grave claim was a hoax (Earl P. Holt III, Council of Conservative Citizens).

ATTACKS ON Asians in the US are disproportionately carried out by blacks. In 2018, of 182,230 attacks on Asians, 24.1% were carried out by whites, 27.5 by blacks and 24.1 by other Asians. Of over 3,581,000 attacks on whites, 62.1% were carried out by whites, 15.3% by blacks and only 2.2% by Asians (Michelle Malkin, 16/02/22).

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